Lalit Bakery

Franchise Details

Lalit Bakery, located in Charkop, Kandivali, has been delighting customers with its delicious baked goods since 2000. With over 23 years of history, Lalit Bakery has become a go-to spot, offering a wide variety of treats like Breads, Khari, Rusk, Cookies, Cakes, Desserts, and Savouries. Lalit Bakery has an impressive menu with over 500 different products, covering all bakery needs. What sets Lalit Bakery apart is that it's not just a cake shop. It's a one-stop solution for all things Bakery. Franchise outlets can start their day at 6:00 AM with fresh Breads, Cupcakes, Puffs, and Mawa Samosas. Lalit Bakery Franchise Outlet even has a live pantry in the shop, making savoury products right there to attract more customers. For those looking to start their own Lalit Bakery franchise, it's an affordable opportunity with a modest investment of 10 Lacs Rupees in infrastructure and 2 Lacs Rupees Franchise Fee. Lalit Bakery stands out by offering a diverse range of products and a unique bakery experience, making it a great choice for franchise outlets and entrepreneurs.

Operating Manual

Lalit Bakery operates with a straightforward approach, offering both packed and fresh products, each falling into distinct categories for efficient management. • Bread: Packed and ready-to-sell, bread is supplied daily with a shelf life of 3 days. Sales staff are responsible for prompt display upon arrival, diligently monitoring expiry dates. • Khari & Rusk: Also packed and supplied on specific days, Khari and Rusk are ready-to-sell products with a generous shelf life of 45 days. Proper display upon arrival is crucial. • Cookies: Lalit Bakery prioritizes fresh cookies, displaying them in a live hot counter. Pantry staff are trained to mould and bake cookies using raw dough provided. Shelf life is 30 days, ensuring a constant aroma that attracts customers. • Desserts: Refrigerated upon arrival, desserts have a shelf life of 4 to 5 days, depending on the product. Immediate action is required in case of refrigeration malfunction, with stock shifted to an alternative pantry refrigeration. Daily stock replenishment is ensured. • Savoury: This category involves on-site preparation in the franchise's pantry. Staff receives frozen vegetables and stuffing, with training provided by the company. Baking and heating processes vary, such as baking rolls, heating frozen stuffing for sliders, and preparing burger patties live in the pantry. Lalit Bakery's operational simplicity is underscored by the detailed guidelines for handling each product category, ensuring quality and freshness in both packed and live offerings.